5 Reasons to Plan When Installing Ductwork in a School

If your school’s ductwork is outdated or if you’re installing a new heating and air conditioning system, then new ductwork might be required. Having ductwork installed in a school might not be as simple as it seems, though. You need to plan carefully when installing school ductwork for these reasons and more. Fortunately, a professional can help with the planning process.

1. There Might Be a Strict Budget in Place

Many schools operate on a strict budget. If your facility is like many, there might not be much wiggle room in the budget for new ductwork and a new heating and air conditioning system. If possible, you may want to complete the project for less than what has been budgeted.

A professional can talk to you about your school’s budget and ductwork needs. Then, he or she can look for ways to install your ductwork while minimizing the materials and labor needed. This can help keep costs within your school’s budget.

2. Code Compliance Is Essential

Building codes are typically in place for safety reasons, and obviously, safety is important in any school setting. You also want to avoid fines and other issues related to not having the building up to code. A good plan for the ductwork will help you ensure your school’s HVAC system is compliant with current building codes.

3. Noise Can Be a Problem

Many heating and air conditioning units are very noisy, which can be an annoyance in any building but particularly bothersome in a school. Students might have a tough time hearing their teachers over a noisy heating and air conditioning unit. Additionally, students who are trying to focus on their studies or who are in the middle of taking a test might find it difficult to concentrate.

The proper installation of ductwork can help with reducing noise. During the planning stages, you can determine where to place the ductwork. You can reduce noise by carefully installing ductwork in the right areas of the school. Additionally, a professional installation will help with the noise as well, since a technician knows how to prevent rattling and other noises.

4. Comfort Throughout the Building Is Essential

In any learning environment, temperatures should be comfortable. Too-hot and too-cold temperatures can make concentration and learning difficult for students. Having a sufficient heating and air conditioning unit for the building is essential, but ductwork has a big impact as well.

Ductwork should be set up in a way that it provides ample heating and cooling for each area of the school, without certain areas being much warmer or cooler than others. During the planning process, a professional can draw up a design that should keep the entire facility comfortable.

5. Energy Efficiency Is a Concern

Ductwork can have a big impact on the energy efficiency of your school’s heating and air conditioning unit. If you do not design and install the ductwork properly, then the heating and air conditioning unit may have to work harder to keep the facility at a comfortable temperature. This can drive up energy use and can put more wear and tear on the heating and air conditioning unit.

With proper planning, you can install ductwork in a way that will allow the heating and air conditioning unit to function as it should. This is a good way to stick with your school’s energy efficiency goals while also reducing wear and tear on the HVAC unit.

If you need ductwork installed in your educational facility, proper planning is essential. Contact us at Steele Brothers Heating, Inc., today to talk about your project. We’ll help with the planning and installation process for your educational facility’s ductwork.

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