Steele Bros Heating, Inc., offers high-quality air conditioning services. With our regular maintenance, you can trust that your air conditioning system will last for years and cool your home efficiently. We serve Denver and surrounding areas so call us today!


We look over your entire unit when we perform our maintenance. That means we handle things like:

  • Filters: A dirty or clogged filter can make your system have to work twice as hard to cool your home, which leads to a shorter lifespan and increased cooling costs.
  • Thermostats: If your thermostat isn’t calibrated properly, you could face inconsistent temperatures and high utility bills.
  • Lubrication: Friction can cause damage to moving parts. That’s why we make sure that all moving parts are sufficiently lubricated.
  • Drain lines: We clear your system’s condensate drain line to keep the unit fresh and dry, which prevents mold and bacteria growth.

These seemingly small tasks make a world of difference for your air conditioner. A system that has to work extra hard won’t last as long and will need repairs more often. We make minor fixes to help you avoid big repair costs in the future. And if we find any problems, we can fix them in no time. So call us today at 303-347-1958 for your maintenance appointment.

Although your cooling equipment sits idle throughout the long winter, it better be ready to handle a heavy workload come summer.  You expect ideal temperature and dehumidification, without disruption or excessive running costs.  You expect a lot, and the only way your air conditioner can continue to meet demand is with professional, seasonal upkeep.  The specialists from Steele Bros Heating, Inc. provide the skilled services to optimize all components and keep your equipment running at peak capacity and efficiency.  Through effective procedures, we protect against wear and tear, sudden system failure, and contaminated air quality.  Serving Greater Denver Metropolitan Area since 1993, Steele Bros Heating, Inc. is the right choice for your comfort.


Family owned and operated, we recognize the importance of economical, reliable, and lasting performance from your air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless unit. At Steele Bros Heating, Inc., we’ve tailored our services to deliver greater return from your investment. Our NATE-certified technicians adhere to strict and proven maintenance procedures, arrive on time for conveniently scheduled appointments, keep organized job sites, and complete all work quickly. We offer single preventative service calls, and customized service plans to accommodate your specific goals and coverage expectations. Let us trim those utility bills down to a bare minimum, and enhance the comfort, health, and enjoyment of your home. Steele Bros Heating, Inc. provides proactive services and upholds exacting standards of quality across SEDALIA, CO, LITTLETON, CO, CASTLE ROCK, CO, AURORA, CO, DENVER, CO, WESTMINSTER, CO, PARKER, CO & All Surrounding Areas.