Is Your Heat Pump Leaking? Here’s Why

A heat pump regulates temperatures in your home to make your living space more comfortable. During winter, the refrigerant in the pump brings heat inside your house to keep you warm. In summer, the refrigerant changes its flow and removes … Continued

Condensate Clogging Problems: Causes and Signs

The air conditioner’s (AC) condensate drain line drains water out of the unit. Drainage problems, such as those that occur due to clogging, can cause multiple problems for the AC. Below are some reasons and signs for condensate drain problems. … Continued

Types of Harmful Indoor Air Pollutants in Your Home

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Examining 4 Common Myths About Indoor Air Quality

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4 FAQ About Humidifiers

A humidifier is a household appliance that adds moisture to the air. These devices are usually inexpensive and easy to operate. A humidifier in the home also comes with many benefits. If you would like to know more about humidifiers, … Continued