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One of our home humidifiers in Denver, COThe EPA suggests that the air inside the home may be the most polluted air that we encounter. It contains cooking odors, chemical fumes, bacteria and viruses, dust, mold spores, human and animal dander and possibly gases, such as carbon monoxide. Often homeowners are unconcerned about improving the air quality in their homes, yet cleaning the air is simple and relatively inexpensive.

Indoor Air Quality installation services include:

  • Electronic air cleaners, which generate a magnetic charge to remove contaminant particles.
  • Air purifiers, which remove contaminants from the air and reduce the effect of second-hand smoke.
  • Ultraviolet lamps, which kill bacteria and mold that grows inside air conditioning equipment and along coils.
  • Whole-house humidifiers, which optimize and stabilize moisture levels and contribute to respiratory health.
Air Filtration

Filtration comes in a number of forms. Every furnace has a filter to trap particulates from going into the furnace and then back out into your home. There are several options for increasing the level of filtration depending on the needs of your home and family. Steele Bros. can recommend one that is right for your specific circumstances.


In Colorado, the air is very dry, particularly in winter. A humidifier adds water to the air which can help breathing and throat problems, reduce static electricity and benefit your home in many other ways.


Any germs and viruses that are not caught by the filtration system can be killed by disinfecting the air. The most common way this is done is to introduce ultraviolet rays inside the ductwork, usually close to the furnace. These units are easy to install and are relatively inexpensive.

Fresh Air

Sealing around doors and windows to prevent drafts and loss of energy can also make a house feel stuffy because there is less fresh air in the house and gases and fumes cannot escape. To help resolve this problem, an air exchange unit can be installed. This allows stale air to exhaust and also allows fresh air to enter. At the same time, as the air passes through the heat exchanger, the heat going out is transferred to the cooler air coming in resulting in energy savings

Sedalia, CO, Littleton, CO, Castle Rock, CO, Aurora, CO, Denver, CO, Westminster, CO, Parker, CO