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A ductless air conditioner or heat pump lets you target heating/cooling in specific rooms, customizing comfort to your preference.  Because there’s no need to install ductwork, there’s no extensive renovation project.  These compact units incorporate beautifully into just about any space, requiring little more than a three-inch hole in the wall.  Whether you’re completing an addition, turning a basement into a living space, or solving temperature fluctuation in a single or multiple rooms, a split system puts you in control of your indoor climate.  And when you rely on Steele Bros Heating, Inc. for mini-split installation in Greater Denver Metropolitan Area, we complete your project perfectly, and normally in a single day.

Reliable Mini-Split Installations & Services

Steele Bros Heating, Inc. specializes in all leading brands ductless products, offering a full range of sophisticated options for single or multiple room application.  Inverter technology enables these rewarding systems to adapt capacity to the changing demands of the room, maintaining even temperatures at unprecedented efficiency levels.  Accessible from a wireless remote, or even from your smartphone, temperature increase or decrease, switching from heating to cooling, and innovative features are easily and conveniently adjusted.  There’s no need to condition empty rooms, no need to heat/cool the entire house to a single temperature, and no cross-contamination of air between rooms.  A slim, attractive indoor unit handles summer humidity, won’t overly dry air in the winter, operates quietly, and suits any decor.  Contact Steele Bros Heating, Inc. for further information, convenient appointments, accurate installation, and skilled service across .