Air Conditioning Installation


As summer temperatures in Denver, CO, often average in the 80s, you need reliable air conditioning for a cool and comfortable home or business. If your air conditioner is older, costs you in monthly bills, or simply doesn’t do its job, then consider new air conditioning installation for quality AC all summer long.


Not sure if your current AC unit needs a simple repair or an outright replacement? Discover a few signs that a newly installed AC unit is right for you:

  • Age: Most air conditioners work for around 15 to 20 years. If your AC unit is older than that, speak to a professional about whether a new unit is necessary.
  • High AC bills: If your monthly energy bills have climbed, then your AC unit might be to blame. A new unit might be the thing you need.
  • Non-functioning unit: If your current AC unit simply doesn’t work, then a replacement is likely the best course of action.
  • Frequent repairs: Does your current air conditioner cost you a lot in repairs? A replacement might be the best cost-effective option.

If you’re unsure if a new AC unit is right for you, reach out to us today.


At Steele Brothers Heating, Inc., we want to ensure you have the best AC unit for your needs. We are equipped to handle any AC situation that comes our way.

For example, we can install air conditioning for both homes and businesses. These properties often have different needs, but we have the training and experience to deal with each type.

Additionally, we can install most types of AC units. Whether you want a traditional unit, a mini-split, or a heat pump, you can rely on us. We also implement the latest technology as well, such as zoned AC and WiFi accessibility.

Whatever you need for your air conditioning installation, let us help. Please call us today at 303-347-1958.