4 AC Services for the Summer-To-Fall Transition

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What AC services does your central air conditioner need before the summer ends? As the warm weather winds down, you may not need to use the cooling system every day. But this doesn’t mean you should stop all maintenance activities. Take a look at the top ways to care for your home’s air conditioner during the end of summer/beginning of fall transition.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Don’t leave AC care until next year. Even though you won’t use the system or won’t use it as much in the fall, you still need to schedule a routine inspection and cleaning service. Unlike the quick wipe down or filter change that you do periodically, this professional service includes a thorough assessment of the system’s components. This allows the technician to check for signs of wear or damage that you aren’t aware of.

Not only can a postseason service call help you spot potential AC issues, it gives you plenty of time to repair the damage. Instead of waiting until you need to switch on the system and need an immediate or emergency HVAC appointment, you have time to schedule the repair around your busy schedule.

Improve Energy Efficiency With Repairs or Replacement

End of season AC services can include an efficiency checkup. The technician can assess your system’s overall energy use and make recommendations for repairs or upgrades. It may not always make financial sense to repair an older central air conditioner that has years of wear and tear or significant damage.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a new central system may save between 20 and 40 percent of your electricity-related cooling costs compared to a 10-year-old air conditioner. If your system constantly breaks down or your electricity bills have multiplied over the summer months, talk to the tech about a replacement.

While a new AC system can save you money in the cost of monthly electricity bills, some air conditioners may only need a cleaning service or minor repairs to improve energy efficiency. This makes it important to discuss your options with the professional and choose the right service for your home’s and budget’s needs.

Check and Upgrade the Thermostat

Is your AC system’s thermostat accurate? The thermostat controls the temperature in your home and tells the air conditioner when to startā€”and when to stop. If the thermostat fails, your cooling system could stay on longer than necessary or not work at all. This could significantly impact home comfort and your electric bill. It can also add unnecessary wear and tear to the system and make it necessary to schedule a repair or replacement.

If your system’s thermostat is an older model or doesn’t work accurately, consider a programmable or smart upgrade right now. These thermostats are easy to set and forget. This makes it possible to control the temperature days or weeks in advance or, if you choose a smart thermostat, from somewhere else.

Winterize Your Air Conditioner

The contractor checked the coils, made repairs, cleaned the system, changed the filter, and recommended replacements as needed. Now what? Instead of leaving the unit as-is, winterize your air conditioner. Winterization doesn’t have to include major maintenance tasks. Something as simple as turning off the power to the unit can help you to save money over the fall and winter months.

The indoor part of your air conditioner is not the only component to winterize. Before you turn off the system and forget about it for the next few months, ask the HVAC technician to inspect the outdoor condenser.

The tech can remove leaves and other natural debris that are caught in the condenser’s fins. They can also help you to decide whether to cover this exterior part or not. While a cover can protect the condenser, it may also trap moisture inside. The professional can review your options and, if you do choose to cover the condenser, show you the best way to protect your air conditioner.

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