Top AC Problems in Summer

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Over the summer, HVAC experts get busy as homeowners call with different AC issues. By knowing the common AC issues when the weather is hot and dry, you can quickly detect problems with your unit before it malfunctions. Check out some AC problems you may encounter over the summer below.

Clogged Air Filters                                                                                        

The air filter on your AC unit cleans your indoor air as it circulates across your home and removes pollutants like pet dander, pollen, and dust. During summer, more air passes the air filter, which quickly gets clogged and cannot filter the air properly.

A clogged filter affects the ability of your AC to cool your home. Since the air finds it hard to move through your cooling system, the AC works harder to get cool air to where you need it, resulting in higher energy bills. This inefficiency also wears out parts longer, and you incur high repair and replacement costs.

While HVAC experts usually recommend changing the air filter after three to six months, change yours more regularly if you have several pets or reside in a dusty area. When you change your air filter before summer, you enhance airflow in your home and keep household members safe from pollutants.

Inadequate Cooling

Inadequate cooling is a standard AC service request over the summer. A unit that makes your home as cool as you desire helps your family enjoy summer, while inadequate cooling leaves you hot and uncomfortable.

If your AC runs but doesn’t cool your home, check the thermostat settings and replace the filter. The problem may be more complex if the house still has hot spots, with the problems potentially being a frozen evaporator coil or a refrigerant leak. In other cases, you may have an undersized AC unit, and replacement is necessary to get a properly sized AC.

Complete Failure to Turn on

If you come home on a sweltering summer day, you likely expect your AC to kick as soon as you turn it on. An AC that won’t run frustrates any homeowner, but the solution may be as simple as a malfunctioning thermostat or tripped circuit breaker.

An overheated capacitor can also fail with high temperatures and prevent your AC from turning on. Your AC expert checks the condition of the outdoor unit, which collects grass clippings and dirt over time. In the case of a clogged condenser, professional cleaning restores the function of the condenser.

Your AC may have run its course in other cases, and replacement is the best way to keep your family comfortable. The AC market has many options for the modern homeowner, including ductless ACs and heat pumps.

Unusual Sounds

Loud, unusual AC sounds can frighten household members, especially since most modern units are quieter than ever. AC noises range from banging sounds that indicate a broken part to persistent clicking noises that arise from electrical issues.

In case of squealing, rattling, and humming noises, your AC expert evaluates various AC components, such as the outdoor fan motor, condenser coils, fan blades, and the blower. Deteriorating and broken parts also cause unsettling noises, but an AC technician quickly replaces these and tightens loose bolts. 

Short Cycling

Short cycling is a typical summer AC problem, where your unit shuts on and off repeatedly. When an AC fails to complete a cycle, it places additional strain on parts like the compressor, resulting in bigger issues. 

The causes of short cycling include a unit that is too big for your home, a blocked condensation pan, or a clogged air filter. Have an AC technician evaluate your cooling system for prompt repairs if you have already replaced the air filter.

A serviced AC is your best defense against the summer heat. However, AC problems can creep up when you least expect them, in which case you require reliable AC experts to restore your comfort. Contact us today at Steele Brothers Heating, Inc., for all your AC problems.

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