Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Leaking

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A puddle of water on your floor is never a good sign, especially when it’s coming from your furnace. Failure to repair the leaking furnace may result in mold growth, which damages your property and poses a risk to your health. To avoid high repair costs, call an HVAC expert immediately. They can identify the cause of the leak and then repair it. Read on to discover common causes of furnace leaks.

Water Condensation

High-efficiency units contain two heat exchanges. The heat exchanger allows the furnace to extract more energy from the fuel by burning it more efficiently and longer. The extra time allows combustion gases created by burning the fuel to cool down before they leave through the exhaust system. Once these gases cool down, they condense, which makes them more prone to leaking.

Air Return Blockage

After furnace installation inside the wall, there needs to be an air duct that leads from the furnace to the outside of your home. Once the air duct becomes clogged with dust, the air is no longer clean since no filtration happens. The result is the furnace overheating, which may lead to water leaks.

Gas Valve Problem

A furnace gas valve is a small rigid plastic level attached to the gas line. The gas valve is responsible for turning the gas on and off as you turn your furnace on and off. As it opens and closes, it allows gas flow to the pilot light and burner.

If you set the gas pressure too low, your furnace efficiency decreases, leading to more condensation of burned gases. Condensation tends to accumulate inside the heat exchanger, where it forms corrosion, and in extreme cases, it results in leaks. High gas pressure increases the risk of the furnace overheating. Once this happens, it damages your furnace’s internal components, resulting in leaks.

Heater Coils Blockage

You will likely find condenser coils outdoors, exposing them to debris and dirt. Heater coils block because they operate for a long time and are always exposed to dirt. Dirty furnace coils are not good at transferring heat energy. With time, you will start seeing your system’s energy efficiency decrease.

Dirty coils result in blockage, which causes the furnace to overheat. An overheating furnace is always at risk of stress cracks in the heat exchanger.

Improper Furnace Installations

When installing your furnace, work with a licensed and experienced professional. You suffer unnecessary burdens if you do your furnace installation on your own or work with an unskilled service provider. Improper furnace installations will make staying indoors uncomfortable, especially during the cold months.

Failure to design the drain system will cause water leaks and damage your home. Water pools on the surfaces can lead to poor air quality. Furnace installation experts undergo training and hold certifications required by local regulations. They are familiar with the installation procedures, techniques, and safety measures.

Humidifier Problems

If you connect your furnace to a whole-house humidifier, a slight problem with your furnace results in the humidifier failing. Experts connect the humidifiers to the home’s plumbing system. Once a crack develops on the humidifier, the water drips around the furnace.

The water around your furnace needs quick inspections. Regular furnace maintenance services are the best way to avoid furnace leaks. With regular inspections, the HVAC experts will know how to identify leaks and offer recommendations before things get out of hand.

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