Castle Rock Heating

Furnace Repair

Don’t settle for a cold home—ensure that you get your heating repaired as soon as you begin to see signs of wear or damage. The signs you should notice include:

  • Cold air. The most common issue that people notice is when cold or lukewarm air comes out of their heater. Any time that your furnace or heater doesn’t act in the way that it should is a good sign you need to call a professional.
  • Strange sounds. Your heater should make a sound when it turns on and when it heats your home. If your furnace or heater makes any high-pitched or banging sounds, contact Steele Brothers Heating.
  • Odd odors. Furnaces may create a light scent—especially the first time it is turned on during the cold season. If your furnace emanates any sort of burning or gaseous smell, contact a professional immediately.

At Steele Brothers Heating, we are here for you. Message us whenever you have a problem with your heater or furnace in Castle Rock, CO.