4 Reasons Why Furnace Size Matters


When you think of a furnace in your home, you will have a wide range of elements to consider. While the efficiency of a furnace is important, the size and power of a furnace matters as well. There are multiple ends of the spectrum to consider. You could have a furnace that is small and budgeted or a more expensive furnace that is large and powerful.

Learn why the size of your furnace matters more than just the price you pay for it. The size could make a big difference in the heat supplied to your home throughout the cold winter months.

1. Small Furnaces & Inadequate Heating

If you select a smaller furnace to take up less space and cost less overall, then you could have a hard time properly heating your home. In order to match the set thermostat levels in the home, a small furnace would have to run continuously and use up a lot of energy in the process.

If the furnace is too small, then you may not feel the heat as much as you would like, or cold drafts could quickly lower the temperature back down again. An HVAC technician can help you select the best-sized furnace based on the square footage of your home and how many rooms you need to heat through the colder months.

2. Large Furnaces & Wear

Going for the largest furnace available may seem like an ideal option, but you can run into problems there as well. A large furnace could reach optimal heat much faster, but the home will not need all of the heat output. This would cause the furnace to start up and shut down quickly.

The constant starting and stopping of the furnace will cause a lot of wear. The wear could lead to the need for more maintenance, replacement parts, and eventually a new furnace. The largest furnace will also take up a lot more space and could potentially create louder noises in your home each time it kicks on.

3. Furnace Size Upgrades & Heating Duct Expansion

In some cases, you may want to expand heat to other areas of your home. You may use the garage more and seek heat in a garage. You may have a porch that you cover and transform into a sunroom. With these expansions, an HVAC technician could expand heating ducts to your areas.

The expansion of heat access in the home may mean that you would need a bigger furnace. Through testing and analysis, a tech could determine what size upgrades you need and if you need an upgrade at all. A size upgrade could help distribute heat more evenly to the new locations and ensure you don’t suffer from heat loss in other rooms of the home.

4. Furnace Rooms & Placement Options

Sometimes, the size of the furnace you choose will depend on the size of the room dedicated to the furnace. If you overcrowd a space, then a furnace may not fit properly and you could run into issues associated with the pipes and other connections to the furnace. Before making a new furnace selection, a technician can measure a space and determine the best options.

With the proper fit, you can have the best efficiency and ensure the furnace operates smoothly for when you need it the most.

For more information on new furnace installations, contact us at Steele Bros Heating, Inc. We will help you select the best furnace, go over options, and ensure your home is heated evenly and efficiently so you can save money in the long run. Furnace size matters, but you will not need to stress when you have the help of professionals.

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