4 Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

furnace maintenance

Your furnace is incredibly important during the winter months. It helps keep your home comfortably warm and circulates indoor air. Unfortunately, it’s easy to neglect your furnace until a major issue arises. In many cases, however, you can avoid major issues with regular furnace maintenance. If you are not sold yet, check out these four benefits of regular furnace maintenance.

1. It Protects the Warranty

In general, a furnace warranty covers manufacturing defects or faulty parts, but it won’t cover the cost of general maintenance. Furnace installation warranties are also available, and they cover any damage or problems that arise due to installation. The big issue arises when you neglect to maintain the system.

Without regular maintenance, the manufacturer cannot guarantee the system will continue to work properly. Even if a defect originally caused the problem, the manufacturer may skirt the responsibility by claiming the issue could have been fixed with regular maintenance.

When choosing someone to repair your HVAC system, make sure to choose a licensed contractor. The warranty will likely be voided if you try to repair/maintain your furnace on your own or hire someone who isn’t licensed. Similarly, repairs made using non-original equipment from the manufacturer usually voids the warranty.

2. It Boosts Efficiency and Lowers Costs

Naturally, regular maintenance keeps your system working great. Keeping it maintained ensures all parts are always working and the system is clean. As a result, your system is more efficient and effective at heating the home. This results in less energy and less money each month on your electric or gas bill.

When having your system maintained, ask about duct cleaning too. Duct cleaning may not need to be performed as often as regular maintenance, but it can boost your system’s efficiency. Over time, even with a great filter, dust can collect inside the ductwork. This makes it harder for the heated air to travel via the ducts. The system has to force itself to work harder to make the air reach your living space.

3. It Reduces the Need for Repairs and Early Replacement

Another way regular maintenance saves you money is by reducing the need for repairs. Think of the system like your overall health. If you have high cholesterol, you may need to take steps to maintain your health and reduce your cholesterol. If you don’t take these steps, it could lead to a major complication like a stroke.

Similarly, a minor crack or weak area on part of the furnace can eventually lead to an expensive repair and/or total replacement. This is incredibly important to prevent total system breakdowns during the winter.

In more extreme cases, repairs can save lives. Insufficient airflow, cracks in the combustion chamber, and other issues can cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, so you won’t know it’s invading your home until it is too late unless you have a carbon monoxide tester. If your carbon monoxide tester goes off, get out of your home immediately.

4. It Keeps Your Indoor Air Clean

A well-maintained system can also keep your indoor air clean from other dangers besides carbon monoxide. If you neglect to keep the system cleaned, allergens can get into your indoor air. If anyone in the house suffers from allergies, asthma, COPD, etc., this can lead to breathing complications. In less serious cases, it can lead to itchy eyes, itchy skin, and sneezing.

In some cases, the system may promote moisture to grow inside the ducts. This can lead to mold growth. Even harmless mold spores can trigger allergies, but some forms of mold are toxic to humans. Similarly, moisture (and heat) attracts pests. If they find a home in your ducts, you can expect unpleasant odors from decaying pests and droppings. Some pests, like cockroaches, can also trigger allergies.

If you have been neglecting your HVAC system, it’s time to contact a professional. For a small fee, you can protect your furnace against major damage and help boost its efficiency. If you would like to know more, contact us at Steele Brothers Heating, Inc. today.

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